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Stress Management
Wellness Workshop
Saturday December 16th

Join us for an afternoon of wellness activities with Sharon Cohen (Naturopath & wellness expert)
Dr Madan Bali ( 93 years young yoga guru) & Dalia Yoga sound Healing.
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Costa Rica Retreat
February 24- March 3rd 2018

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Dalia is certified yoga teacher and sound healer and has decades of experience as an actress in Theatre, TV and Film and as a singer/songwriter. A graduate from Concordia University’s Theatre Program,  Dalia now brings all her passions together and creates unique and soothing therapeutic yoga, sound healing and musical experiences’s that calm the mind, revitalize the body and enrich the soul all while awakening your inner bliss. Learn more.


Rooted in ancient practices, both Yoga and Sound Healing have been used as alternative healing modalities for thousands of years and have served people towards better health, wellness and wholeness.

Yoga, as it is defined, is a ‘yoking’ or a bringing together of the mind, body and spirit which is optimal ingredient for overall wellness. With the stresses of our everyday lives, we as a society have become so disconnected from our bodies while our monkey minds have taken over constantly feeding us with incessant thoughts, beliefs and ideas which eventually takes its tool on our mental well being and in turn also effects our physical health. TV and the internet has become the go to place to unwind at the end of the day, but with all the subliminal message, it ends up causing more stress and fear then relief on an unconscious level. The major problem is we have forgotten how to truly relax and have begun to rely on things like: food, drugs, alcohol and TV for comfort, which may give us some temporarily relief, but never actually resolves the root of the problem. Interestingly enough part of the solution lies in our very own bodies where according to Dr Madan Bali we already have our own built in pharmacy with the capacity to heal if we can just learn how to tap into its power. When our bodies are constantly overloaded with stress, fear, anxiety and worries with no real outlet to fully let go and rid the body of these access energies that are not serving us, we can never fully recover and reset. This not only has a major impact on our physical bodies, but also on our emotional and energetic bodies. It has been medically proven that stress is one of the major causes of disease and if we dissect it ‘dis-ease’ is actually the lack of ease in the body causing it to eventually breakdown. Yoga, in its authentic form helps to retrain the body how to let go and truly relax which is an essential ingredient to a healthy life style and it is through this relaxation response that our bodies can begin to re-cooperate, heal and essentially come back towards a more optimal state of balance.

Sound healing is also another very ancient healing tool used by eastern cultures for thousands of years combining a variety of instruments and rituals to help tame the body, mind and spirit and assist in finding inner peace. According to numerous health studies, sound and vibration has also had a very powerful healing effect on the emotional and energetic body in sickness and stressful times.  Since everything in our universe is energy and vibration, it means that our whole body is also made up of this energy and vibration. In every moment the trillions of cells in our bodies are vibrating at certain frequency in correlation to ever other part of our being and It’s this vibrational frequency that keeps the body alive, happy and healthy. When we are sick or stressed its like a part of our body falls out of alignment and becomes out of tune with the rest of our being.  In order to help the body stay in a state of optimal wellness, just like an instrument, it can be tuned back to the right frequency and this is where the power of sound comes into play and can have profound effect on our mind, body and spirit.

Using the power of sound and yoga combined or separate can have a profound impact on our overall health and is recommended to be used not as a replacement to other therapies, but as a complimentary healing modality. Please visit the testimonial section of this website for some feedback on the impact these two modalities have made on people’s lives.

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