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8 Weeks: Chakra Sound Healing Meditation Series (NDG)

April 12 @ 7:30 pm - June 7 @ 9:00 pm

$199 – $240

8 Weeks: Chakra Sound Healing Meditation Series
Friday’s April 12th- June 7th 2019 7:30-9pm
The entire universe is made up of energy and vibration and our bodies are no exception. Inside the body along the spine lies 7 main energy centers known as the 7 Chakra points. The word ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word that translates to the word ‘wheel’ and when the life force of energy that moves inside our bodies enters into these 7 points it creates a spiral wheel like motion. This energy start at the base of the spine and then moves all the way up to the top of the head. These centers govern of physical, emotional and spiritual well being and each chakra point represents a different aspect of our life force and is associated with a different color. When our chakras are balanced the energy is being distributed evenly and at the perfect rate to every part of our being and our emotions and health will be in check. However, if one of your chakras is too open and spinning too quickly, or if it is too closed and moving slowly, your health and well being will suffer.

Sound healing is a very ancient healing tool used by eastern cultures for thousands of years that combines a variety of instruments and rituals to help tame the body, mind and spirit while assisting in finding inner peace. When we are sick or stressed our bodies become out of tune with its natural frequencies. According to numerous health studies, sound and vibration has a very powerful healing effect by raising the bodies vibration back to a perfect state of balance. When the body and mind is calm we allow the channel for healing to flow through and we are also able find the right answers to life’s questions, create positive intentions and live more fulfilling lives.

In this 8 week series you will journey through a series of guided meditations combined with various sound healing techniques dedicated to each one of the 7 chakras. Each week will focus on a specific chakra with the final week being an integration day of all 7 chakras. The goal of this series is for participants to become more in tune with the natural energy cycles of the body and discover techniques to help bring balance to their chakras that will in turn help them live more healthy, harmonious and peaceful lives.

-Guided Meditation
-Guided Visualisation
-Yoga Nidra (deep concious sleep)
-Sound Healing: Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, tingshas, gongs, rattles, drums, crystal pyramid, tuning forks, bird flute, shamanic drum, ocean drum, frog drum, idopan mini space drum in 432hz (healing vibration of the universe) deep vocal vibrations and unitary reiki chants.
-Chakra toning and clearing exercises (7 main energy centers in the body)
-Pranayama (breathing techniques)

-Chakra Balancing
-Heart Opening
-Energetic detox
-Stress and Emotional Release
-Calming of the mind body and spirit

199$ +fees Early Bird Series Price til April 5th 9am
240$ +fees Regular Series Price
35$ +fees Drop in Rate

Option to buy 8 piece chakra stone set to accompagne you on your 8 week journey. Set is 30$. Please note there is a limited amount available. Please email Dalia to reserve yours at:

Chakra Set:

Friday Oct 5th- Nov 23rd

Week 1 Intro and Root Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking access to: Grounding, Security, Foundation Building
Releasing: Fear, Scarcity, Negativity & Greed
(Bring something RED or stones to put on alter)

Week 2 Sacral Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking: Creativity, Sensuality, Desires
Releasing: Over active emotions, attachments, blocked or over active sexuality
(bring something ORANGE or stones to put on alter)

Week 3 Solar Plexus Meditation:
Unlocking: Clarity, Self confidence, Will power
Releasing: Control, helplessness, confusion
(Bring something YELLOW or stones to put on alter)

Week 4 Heart Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking: Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance
Releasing: Defensiveness, Jealosy, Fear of intimacy
(Bring something GREEN or stones to put on alter)

Week 5 Throat Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking: Self Expression, Truth, Purpose
Releasing: Self Doubts, Fears, Judgements
(bring something BLUE or stones to put on alter)

Week 6 Third Eye Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking: Intuition, Wisdom, Insight, Vision
Releasing: Illusion, Confusion, Sterile energy
(Bring something INDIGO or stones to put on alter)

Week 7 Crown Chakra Meditation:
Unlocking: Connection to higher self & source energy, Presence, Bliss
Releasing: Judgements, Obsessions, Fears
(Bring something white or stones to put on alter)

Week 8 Seven Chakra Integration Meditation:
On this very special you will be guided through a meditation that will integrate all the techniques used in the Seven weeks to balance all chakras simutaneously.
(Bring stones or anything of your choice to put on alter)



April 12 @ 7:30 pm
June 7 @ 9:00 pm
$199 – $240


Dalia Marom


Bhakti Yoga
2000 Norhcliffe Ave Loft #219
NDG, Canada
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