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Dark/New Moon Yoga & Sound Healing Ceremony

May 2, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Dark/New Moon Yoga & Sound Healing

A purge, A deep letting go, A closure, A renewal, A new beginning. 
This session will begin in complete darkness. We will move from darkness towards the light. 

Since ancient times our ancestors would look to the sky and the stars for answers to life’s many questions. One of the traditions was to look to the moon and its cycles as a reflection of what was happening in our own inner and outer worlds. We have come to learn that the moon not only effects the tides, but all bodies of water including the approximate 75% of water in our own bodies.  In astrology, the moon is ruled by water and represents the emotional body. It moves like waves representing the emotional highs and lows of life with each part of every moon cycle being an important part of the process. 

The New moon and the few days of darkness leading up to the new moon which we refer to as the dark moon is a time to go within, recharge and reset our mind, body and spirit. Its a time of rest, a gap, a pause before the next cycle begins. This is the perfect time to find your inner silence, shift from movement to letting go, receiving and slow down before the birth of something new, before that next moment of creation. This time signifies a moment to get in touch with our higher selves, reawaken our deepest desires and unlock the wisdom of our souls. This is the right time to connect with source, rejuvenate and allow pure magic to enfold.

In this session we will explore the closing of one cycle (Dark Moon) and beginning of the next (New Moon). Join us for this unique evening of meditation in motion, vocal liberation, sound healing, music, guided hypnotic visualisation, Reiki of sound, deep inner listening, silence, connection and imagination as we move through the dark side of the moon towards the lightness of the new moon and a new beginning. 

In the process of renewal we will first embrace our own inner darkness and shadow selves and then move towards self healing, love, light and renewal. Like a phoenix through a flame, a caterpiller to a butterfly, this evening gives us the opportunity to emerge, change, grow, transform and flow more deeply towards the essence of who we truely are while setting intentions for what we want to create in our lives. 

Early Bird 39$ until Tuesday April 30th 5pm
Regular Price 45$


This evening will unfold in 3 parts: 

Dark Moon Ceremony (lead by Dalia)
We will be guided through sound, movement and visualisation through the teachings of the dark moon shadow drum to release all the things that are not serving us from the previous cycle. This part will be lead in complete darkness. 

Yoga & Sound Healing (Yoga lead by Isabel and Sound by Dalia)
Through sound and movement and meditation we will be guided to connect and rejuvenate our deepest selves 

PART 3 (led by Dalia)
New Moon Ceremony. 
Guided shavasana meditation with sound and intention setting.

Dalia has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and completed her yoga teacher training in therapeutic yoga with Dr Madan Bali in 2014. She has since studied Yin, Yoga Nidra, shamanism and numerous forms of sound healing with a variety of experts in the field and is also a Unitary Reiki of Sound Practitioner and channels love, light and healing through vocal chants and harmonies. Dalia has lead hundreds of yoga and sound healing sessions, events and retreats in around her home town of Montreal as well as on the international level in the US (Omega Center) and Mexico (Omni Hotel), Costa Rica (Posada Natura, Spa Holis, Selina’s and Casa Lina’s). She has also worked extensively with her Guru Dr Madan Bali co-leading various events and retreats. Her unique sessions incorporate a therapeutic blend of Yoga (Dr Bali Method, Nidra, Yin, Hatha) pranayama, guided visualization, meditation as well as various sound healing instruments including: Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tingshas, rattles, frog drum, bird flute, gongs, shamanic drum, ocean drum, Crystal pyramid, Idiopan drum in 432 hz (healing frequency of the earth), spirit drum (432hz) and vocal chants channeling light, love and healing. Besides guiding sessions, Dalia is a trained actress who graduated from Concordia University’s Drama for Human Development Program and is also a singer songwriter who is currently working on her 2nd album entitled ‘Light Years Away’ that is set to be launched at the end of 2018. The album is in the ‘spirit pop’ genre inspired by spiritual messages and sound healing. It was recorded in 432hz and was produced and co-written by Rad Crasto. For more info about Dalia and upcoming events please visit Dalia’s website and Facebook page.


Isabel Justo Kahn is the founder and director of Bhakti Spiritual Center and has been practicing and guiding yoga and meditation now for over 25 years. Yoga is a spiritual practice that allows us to heal from the inside out. It is transformative in nature and impacts every part of life. Ultimately, it enables you to see that the receiving of its gift is in the giving. For this reason, Isabel has dedicated her life to giving back. She works primarily in bringing the program to those who might not otherwise have access to it, such as women’s shelters and children’s outreach programs. Her philosophy is that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to get well. The aim being to lessen the barriers to those seeking spiritual growth as a way of life. She believes in an integrative approach and has multiple certifications at both spiritual, energy and cognitive levels, such as Reiki, Therapeutic Yoga, a Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate specializing in Therapeutic counselling, (with an emphasis in East-West Spirituality & Therapeutic Counselling), to name a few.
She believes that the therapeutic approach to yoga that she practices and guides to be the gateway to true peace and happiness, through its focus on uniting the body and the mind. Its goal is to ultimately allow us to feel whole and connected.



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