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Dalia’s class is a plethora of eclectic instruments with which in her own unique style, she creates soothing sound healing. With her angelic voice, she guides you through slow & mindful movement. She offers an inner body experience like no other. A true mind- body connection, leaving you feeling cleansed, rested and peaceful.

Audra, Yoga Teacher, Montreal

I had an amazing experience with Dalia. I tried for the first time yoga & sound healing with her and I was hooked! Her sessions really go deep into clearing your chakras and cleansing the body of any build up emotions. I would feel so light, calm and relaxed after a class with her. I could feel the benefits for days after. Such a beautiful soul!

Sabrina, Nutritionist Personal Trainer, Mexico

Dalia is so very special. She radiates so much beauty from within that you feel as soon as she gives you a hug.Her sound healing classes are just magical.

Lina, Program officer for Trade, Montreal

I always knew Dalia would be an exceptional yoga teacher just from knowing her for so many years, but she still managed to surprise me at her class. She really knows how to guide a class with grace and attention, and her unique voice was beautiful and soothing to end the session. I think what makes her exceptional is her dedication to continuously learning new modalities and teachings and passionately integrating them into her practices. I would confidently invite anybody I cared about to try out one of her magical classes.

Jeevan, Matte Painter, BC Canada

Dalia’s yoga sessions are beyond what you believe yoga should be, they are an inner journey of serenity, total wellness and chi releasing physical and psychological stress and channeling inner peace.

After reading up on yoga I decided to give her yoga sessions a try, so we scheduled a 90 minute session. To put a few things in context, the last 3 years have been particularly rough for me; I also developed alopecia (hair loss due to stress) and thought that yoga might be beneficial at this point in my life. Since Dalia and I knew each other I was comfortable with explaining to her what I had been through and where I’m at; I wanted to experience her yoga in an honest and true environment.

The experience of the 1st session lingered with me for days, and I kept scheduling regular 90 minute sessions with Dalia. Dalia’s knowledge, warmth, sincerity, attentive guidance, and the energy she exudes through her words and her aura transport you during the session into another state of being.  And then there are the bowls ….AMAZING! The vibration, if you allow it to enter your body, mind and soul lifts you to places of a higher state of mind. I physically and mentally feel much better, also reaching a higher spiritual connection. My alopecia has since regressed, not expanding as it was doing for months before my yoga sessions with Dalia and most of the hair has grown back.

Thank you Dalia. My Fantastic GURU

Gino, Executive, Montreal

“In today’s vast field of endless healing modalities, its sometimes hard to find that perfect balance of therapies that work together to awaken the deep seated part of you that yearns for connection. I seem to have found that with Dalia. I have wholeheartedly embraced and incorporated Dalia’s sound healing therapy as a part of my regular therapeutic rituals. Dalia is a healer. She has helped me to awaken that deep and sacred space within myself, so vital to my spiritual well being. I consider this healing modality to be not only restorative, but transformative in its nature. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practice.”

Isabel, Founder, Ottima Wellness